In the very beginning, Dad made us wash every tomato!

Lucky’s Real Tomatoes has been fiercely proactive with regard to food safety for over 30 years. We are truly proud of our state of the art food sanitation system.

From the time our tomatoes are purchased, they are transported by OUR OWN drivers, on OUR OWN trucks, to OUR OWN facilities. They then receive the “Spa Treatment” where they are cleansed with ozone, one of the safest and most natural purification and disinfection agents for fresh produce. Ozone is dissolved into the cleansing water to kill pathogens and a broad spectrum of food and water-borne microorganisms. Ozone reduces topical salmonella 99% in less than 60 seconds. When the process is completed, then Lucky’s Real Tomatoes are clean, safe and ready to go!

“We know where our tomatoes have been!”