In 1978, Lucky’s Real Tomatoes was founded by our Dad Tony, Lucky and Al and the Marcelli family. Our goal was to sell Lucky Leefield-grown sun-ripened, juicy ready to eat tomatoes to the top chefs in New York City. Our reputation and business grew because of hard work, a uniquely flavorful tomato and great personal service. Additionally, many of our original top chef’s careers expanded, taking them across the country, where they demanded Lucky’s Real Tomatoes.

Today, our family’s mission . . . yes, Lucky’s Real Tomatoes is still a family business  . . . is to provide those sun-ripened, fieldgrown tomatoes to restaurants, food service, retail and wholesale businesses in New York, the Eastern Seaboard and as far west as the Pacific Ocean.

 Our beefsteak tomatoes are hand picked at the peak of ripeness and transported on our own truck to our own facilities. In the process of bringing them to you, these wonderful tomatoes are cleansed with our ozone based, state of the art food sanitation program.

Lucky and her team oversee distribution in New York, Alan and his team run the growing and transportation  and their brother Marc is our Director of Food Safety.

Family owned and operated . . . then and now!